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Determination of Bursting Volume and Pressure
  • A specified length of the condom is inflated with air
  • The volume and the pressure required to burst the condom are automatically and electronically recorded .
  • According to the requirements of ISO 4074:2002 Standard, volume should exceed 18 dm3 and pressure 1 kPa, at breakage.
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Equipment Inflation Apparatus: Bursting Tester, supplied with 2 cabins, manufactured in Germany by DÖKA Maschinenbau GmbH.

Tests of individual container (foil)
  • This test checks the airtight of the packaging (foil) of each condom for any defects. The tightness of the packaging assures the retention of the quality of the product and prevents leakage of lubricant.
    The existence of holes or other defects in the packaging makes it permeable to oxygen, causing premature aging of the condom.
    Depending on the size of each lot, proportional number of samples is collected under the standard ISO 2859.
    The samples are submerged in a vacuum chamber where water and dye are added. As the chamber is evacuated gradually, the defective individual containers are producing bubbles, which indicate leaks, while the normal ones are swelled.
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DÖKA Maschinenbau Vacuum Testing Device Type VT-01

Determination of Force and Elongation at break of test pieces of condoms
  • During this test a special cutting machine (cutting die) is being used and a test piece (ring) is removed from the region including the portion 80 mm from the open end of the condom. Then the ring is placed in the Tensile machine and stretched until it breaks. The Force in N (Newton) and elongation in mm (millimeters) are recorded.
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Tensile Testing Machine Lloyd Instruments/LRX

Determination of length
  • An unrolled condom is allowed to hang freely over a graduated mandrel. Its length is observed and recorded.
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Metallic mandrel with a scale divided into millimeters

Determination of width
  • The unrolled condom hangs freely over the edge of a ruler and its width is measured within 35 mm from the open end of the condom.
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Steel ruler Batcher

Determination of Visible and Non Visible Holes
  • Condoms are electronically screened to detect the presence of holes. Condoms are fit with the open end onto mounts within a container with electrolyte solution added (electrically conductive solution, sodium chloride NaCl, 10 g / L). Then condoms are filled with a specified volume of electrolyte too and an electrode is used to detect holes. A condom which has no holes acts as an insulator and allows no current to flow in an electrical circuit, while a condom with a hole will allow a current to pass.
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Digital multimeter Protek 506 Power Supply Pal Electronics 10V-2A Resistance 10 kOhm 2 Watt

Determination of thickness
  • Condom thickness is measured at three points across its length with a micrometer gauge.
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Digital micrometer VOGEL